Bacon Wrapped Pickles

Bacon Wrapped Pickles


  • 1 Jar of Whole Dill Pickles
  • House of Q House Rub
  • House of Q Sugar & Spice BBQ Sauce
  • 1 Pound of Thin-Sliced Bacon
  • 12oz. Block of Gouda Cheese


SLICE the pickles in half down the center so there are two equal halves.

REMOVE the inner part of the pickle with a pairing knife or jalpeno corer tool, leaving the end intact. Keep the two cored halves together so when you put them back together, they will match up.

SLICE the block of Gouda chees into “sticks”.

INSERT a stick of cheese into one side of a pickle half, then slide the other half of the pickle onto the first half.

DUST all sides of each wrapped pickle with House House of Q House Rub.

PREPARE your Yoder Smokers pit for indirect cooking and set for 275 degrees.

PLACE the pickles in the cooker and close the lid.

SMOKE until the bacon has rendered around the pickle, with a somewhat crusty or dry look.

GLAZE with House of Q Sugar & Spice BBQ Sauce.

PRO TIP: Make sure the bacon has rendered onto the leg. It should look dry and somewhat crispy. This is the secret to great results!