Cattlemans Grill

Crafted by Bruce Cortese, Cattleman’s Grill flavors were inspired by the chuckwagon meals prepared for cowboys on the trails of the American West. Camp kitchens were often limited in their supplies but their staples usually included salt, brown sugar, dried peppers, and coffee. In fact, Cattleman’s Grill was among the first to re-introduce the chuckwagon standby, coarsely ground coffee, to modern palates with their Original Cowboy rub. Later, the spicy and smoke-infused flavors indigenous to the Southwest led to the creation of Cattleman’s Grill Smoky Chipotle. Cortese dug into his own family’s heritage to create two European-inflected blends, Cattleman’s Grill Italiano and Cattleman’s Grill Tuscan Steak seasoning. Steakhouse, Californa Tri-Tip and Carna Asada rounded off the roster. These all-natural rubs give any cookout a healthy boost of flavors on the trail, in the backyard, or cooking in your kitchen.